What Is Top Round Steak?

Top round steak is one of the few inexpensive cuts that lack any actual marbling and tenderness. However, while not the first choice for many, there are still several reasons why this steak should be a mainstay on your menu.

This guide will tell you all you need to know about top round steak.

What Is Top Round Steak?

Top round steak is a tough and very lean cut. Though it is a budget-friendly option, it is still relatively flavorful. It is lean enough to feel like a healthier option than some other cuts while still tasty enough to satisfy those looking for an intense steak flavor.

The top round steak comes from the round primal, which got its name because it surrounds the femur, including the hips, buttocks, and rump. Specifically, it comes from the semimembranosus muscle on the round’s upper part, part of the pelvic muscle group.

Is top round steak tender? Definitely not, it is a little more tender than bottom round steak, but it’s still a tough cut of meat. Actually, it’s a good cut of meat for slow and low cooking. After cooking, it’s important to cut the top round steak very thinly and against the grain. This will maximize the tenderness of the meat.

raw top round steak
raw top round steak

Other Names for Top Round Steak

The most popular name in the United States is Top Round Steak, but it is also known as: 

  • Beef Round,
  • London Broil,
  • Inside Round Steak,
  • Top Round London Broil,
  • Top Round Steak Cap Of,
  • Top Round Steak Cap On,
  • Top Round Steak (Center Cut),
  • Top Round Steak Boneless, 
  • Family Steak.

What Does Top Round Steak Taste Like?

A well-cooked top round steak has a juicy flavor. However, in terms of its texture, it is one of the chewiest and toughest cuts of meat.

Cutting the meat into very thin slices helps it to be more tender. Alternatively, you can try to cook a top round steak using the “salting technique,” for more information, check out this video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai-A9GX4lrA)

Where to Buy?

Top round steak is a low-cost cut widely available at many local butcher stores and supermarkets. Of course, buying it online with home delivery is also possible.

Top Round Steak Nutrition Facts

The following is the nutritional value top round steak offers (Cooked 3 ounce steak). We should note that these figures will vary depending on your chosen cooking method and recipe.

NutritionPortion size: 3 oz = 85 g
Protein25.5 g
Total Fat3.64 g
Sodium63.8 mg
Iron2.75 mg
Zinc4.35 mg
Magnesium14.4 mg
source: https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/169560/nutrients

What Is Top Round Steak Good for?

Most people use top round steak for simple homemade dishes like slow cooker beef carnitas, beef stew, or simply for sandwiches. Lean steak takes well to liquid-based dishes.

Consider slow cooking your steak at low temperatures to ensure it comes out medium-rare and preserves the little tenderness it has. If possible, cut the cooked steak into thin slices against the grain.

Conclusion – Is Top Round Steak Good?

Top round steak is one of the inexpensive cuts of beef available. Unfortunately, it is also one of the leanest and toughest cuts. It is essential to use the proper cooking technique. Top round steak is not the typical no-marinate steak you grill hot and fast.

Most people will agree that it needs to be cooked low and slow. Whichever cooking method you choose, remember to cut the cooked steak very thinly across the grain.

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