What is Salisbury Steak?

For some, Salisbury steak takes them back to school lunches, while for others, it reminds them of those classic TV dinners they used to enjoy. Regardless of the memories the meal evokes, Salisbury steaks are an excellent option for a delicious homemade meal.

What Exactly Is Salisbury Steak?

Contrary to its name, Salisbury steak isn’t a steak at all. Like a cross between a hamburger patty and meatloaf, Salisbury steak is actually ground beef mixed with bread crumbs, seasoning, and dry onion soup mix.

While there are many variations, you can form this meat mixture into the shape of a steak, brown it in a skillet, and simmer it with mushroom gravy either made from scratch using fresh mushrooms and beef stock or a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup.

Why Is It Called a Salisbury Steak?

The steak got its name from James Henry Salisbury, a doctor who studied healthy eating and nutrition in the 19th century, during and after the Civil War. Dr. Salisbury was a proponent of minced beef as a healthy food option and served Civil War soldiers the original version of the steak.

Since then, Salisbury steak has become a delicious way of using ground beef to create family-friendly, easy 30-minute meals. Fun fact: While the doctor believed minced beef to be an excellent healthy food option, he did not consider vegetables and fresh fruits healthy.

Is Salisbury Steak Healthy?

Few people would consider Salisbury steak a healthy food. However, you can make your meal healthier, depending on the Salisbury steak recipes you use. For instance, you can make the steak healthier if you:

  • Choose lean ground beef
  • Make your own gravy with ingredients like homemade stock
  • Sauté your onions and mushroom in olive oil

Some even substitute the ground beef with lean ground turkey, while others opt for limiting portion sizes or enjoying their meals with healthy sides like roasted broccoli or green beans.

What Cut of Meat Is Best Used for Salisbury Steak?

Since you ideally wouldn’t want your meal to have excessive amounts of fat drippings, lean ground beef is the best cut of meat to use for your Salisbury steak. However, several recipes recommend substituting beef with ground pork or turkey.

FAQ on Salisbury Steak

What is homemade Salisbury steak made of?

The classic, homemade Salisbury steak is a dish made most often from ground beef patties (You can mix it with ground pork or veal). The recipe also includes ingredients such as eggs, bread, and spices. Also, note that Salisbury steak is served with gravy.

Does Salisbury steak have pork in it?

For Salisbury steak sold in the store, the answer is yes. According to established standards by the USDA, the meat content in Salisbury steak sold as a product must be at least 65%. Of which up to 25% can be pork. In the case of defatted pork, the limit is 12%. The maximum fat content is 30%.

How many calories are in homemade Salisbury steak?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine how many calories Salisbury steak has. The nutritional value of your meal will vary based on the specific products you use and the alterations you make to the recipe.

What’s the difference between Salisbury steak and hamburger steak?

Hamburger steak contains only basic seasonings like pepper and salt. Salisbury steak, on the other hand, contains more ingredients (fillers) like bread/breadcrumbs, onions, eggs, sauces, and other seasonings.

What’s the difference between Salisbury steak and cube steak?

Cube steak is a tough beef cut (usually from the top round or top sirloin) that is tenderized using a meat tenderizer which leaves potted marks on the meat that look like ground meat. Salisbury steak, on the other hand, is seasoned ground beef in patty form (sometimes mixed with pork or veal) and served with gravy.

What’s the difference between Salisbury steak and Meatloaf?

The difference is mainly in the cooking process; Salisbury steak is shaped like a patty and served with brown sauce. On the other hand, Meatloaf is much larger, shaped like bread, sliced like bread, and served with brown gravy or tomato sauce (often with ketchup). In terms of spices and bread-type fillers, they are very similar.

What’s the difference between Salisbury steak and swiss steak?

Salisbury steak should not be confused with swiss steak. Salisbury steak is made from ground beef patties. Swiss steak is made from real steaks. The cooking techniques of the two dishes are also different.

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