What Is Eye of Round Steak?

While the eye of round steak has garnered a reputation for being one of the worst steaks to throw straight on an open grill, this lean cut can still be a flavorful, enjoyable meal with the proper preparation and cooking skills.

What Is Eye of Round Steak?

The eye of round steak is a very lean cut of meat that is visually very similar to Tenderloin Steak. In fact, the cut comes from the cow’s hind leg, which means it is not only lean but also tough. For these reasons, it ranks among the cheapest steak cuts.

The steak’s toughness can make cooking a challenge to most people. However, there are a few cooking methods you could turn to, depending on your desired end goal. 

Stewing or braising are the most recommended cooking methods for top round steak if you want the meat to be juicy and tender. You should also consider using marinades and cooking with sous vide.

two raw eye of round steaks
two raw eye of round steaks

Other Names for Eye of Round Steak

Most of them are simply variations on the standard eye of round steak name. Here are some of the other common names:

  • Beef round,
  • Round Steak,
  • Beef round steak boneless,
  • Beef round eye,
  • Breakfast Steak,
  • Sandwich Steak,
  • Wafer Steak.

Where Does Eye of Round Steak Come From?

An eye of round steak is cut from an eye of round roast. This cut of beef comes from the cow’s rear leg, more precisely, from round primal. A steak usually weighs about six to eight ounces and is about one inch thick.

What Does Eye of Round Steak Taste Like?

A lot depends on how it is cooked. When cooked incorrectly, the eye of round steak can be extremely tough with zero flavors. However, if marinated and cooked right, the steak is tender and juicy, with a decent flavor. Tenderizing it correctly can further give it a nice texture.

Where to Buy?

Eye of round steak is an affordable beef cut easily available at most local butchers or regular grocery stores. You can also buy eye of round steak online from specialized beef vendors. Alternatively, you could order the eye of round roast and cut your steaks from it.

Eye of Round Steak Nutrition

Though eye of round steak’s nutritional value will vary depending on the recipe you use, here is what a three-ounce serving of the cut will offer:

NutritionPortion size: 3 oz = 85 g
Protein25.2 g
Total Fat3.8 g
Sodium57.8 mg
Iron1.6 mg
Zinc3.75 mg
Magnesium12.8 mg
source: https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/173993/nutrients

What Is Eye of Round Steak Good for?

Generally, eye of round steak is not cooked like a typical steak because it is very lean and tough. This cut is good for cooking with methods that keep it tender and flavorful. Mainly for slow-cooked and braised recipes like stew or for cooking with sous vide.

It’s easy to overcook such lean meat, so it’s better to use recipes that involve a lot of liquid which helps to keep it juicy. You cannot cook it the same way you’d use other premium cuts like rib-eye or new york strip.

Conclusion – Is Eye of Round Steak Good?

Despite its bad rep, eye of round steak can still make for an enjoyable meal. It’s an inexpensive cut of steak but very versatile. We encourage you to try several recipes and see which will appeal to you. Thanks to this guide, you are one step closer to achieving precisely this.

The Eye of Round Steak FAQs

Is the eye of round steak tender?

The eye of round steak comes from the rear part of the cow. The meat in this area is significantly leaner and less tender. Thus, it is one of the toughest cuts of beef.

Is Eye of Round steak good for grilling?

Eye of round steak is probably one of the worst steaks to grill. It is lean and tough with almost zero marbling. Grilling it will result in an extremely tough steak.

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