What is a Coulotte Steak?

If you are a fan of steak cuts, you’ve probably tried all popular options, such as New York Strip, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, and more. But have you ever tried a Coulotte steak?

Coulotte steak comes from the French word “culot,” which means cap, referring to the thin layer of fat that spreads on the side of the steak. 

What is Coulotte Steak, Exactly?

Coulotte steak is a boneless cut of beef from the top sirloin. The best way to identify a cut of this steak is by the thick layer of fat that covers only one side of it. Although this steak doesn’t have a huge amount of marbling, it is very tender and tasty.  

Coulotte steak is a very popular cut in Brazil (under a different name). It is a flavorful and juicy cut that is easy to cook. Coulotte is famous for its layer of fat, which gives the steak a beautiful texture when cooked. This specific cut is known as an excellent steak for grilling. 

raw coulotte steak
raw coulotte steak

Other Names for Coulotte Steak

Coulotte steak is also known by other names, including top sirloin cap steak, top sirloin cap, fat cap, rump cap, or beef loin. In other countries – for example, in Brazil – people know it as picaña.

Where Is the Coulotte Steak on a Cow?

Coulotte steak comes from the muscle that covers the top sirloin. It is one of the three muscles that make up the sirloin butt, which is why most people know it as the top sirloin cup. 

Coulotte Steak Nutrition Facts

NutritionPortion size: 3 oz = 85 g
Total Fat12.8 g
Protein22.1 g
Zinc8.5 mg
Potassium307 mg
Vitamin B-60.337 mg
Vitamin B-122.35 µg
Nutrition facts based on cooked 3-oz coulotte steak

Source: USDA

Coulotte Steak FAQs

What Does Coulotte Steak Taste Like?

Coulotte is a lean cut of meat with a mouth-watering and juicy beef flavor. It is a very tender cut, but a lot depends on the level of marbling and cooking method. Remember to cut the cooked coulotte steak against the grain for maximum tenderness. 

Is Coulotte Steak Tender?

Coulotte steak comes from the cow’s muscle area, which is not overused. This makes it a tender cut, especially when cooked and sliced correctly (against the grain).

Is Coulotte The Same as Picanha?   

Yes, Coulotte and Picanha are the same cut. “Picanha” comes from the word picaña, the Portuguese name for Coulotte.

Where to Buy Coulotte Steak?

A nice piece of Coulotte cut is difficult to find at the local grocery store or butcher shop. The best way to buy Coulotte steak is to order it online from a butcher store that guarantees home delivery. For example, you can buy it at Snake River Farms, Crowd Cow, or Porter Road.

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