What Is Club Steak?

There are many theories surrounding the origin of the name “club steak” and the specific cut of beef it refers to. These theories vary significantly by region, so we decided to share the most likely one with you.

What Is Club Steak, Exactly?

A club steak is a bone-in strip steak from the short loin area of a cow. Regarding the name’s origin, the most widely accepted explanation is that the name derives from the fact that this cut was once exclusively served in high-end restaurants. 

Another theory suggests that the name club steak refers to the famous Delmonico restaurant in New York. In our opinion, this is not true, as Delmonico steak usually refers to a ribeye cut.

Where to Buy Club Steak? 

Local butchers and grocery stores hardly advertise club steak, so you should ask your butcher if he can prepare a club steak for you. You can also try contacting high-end meat suppliers specializing in premium beef cuts. In addition, you can check online meat retailers, as they often offer a wider variety of beef cuts, including club steak, and can deliver it right to your doorstep. 

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