What is Chip Steak

Today, it’s one of the most popular steak cuts to make sandwiches. A butcher named William Dubil discovered chip steak when he accidentally froze a cut of bottom round beef. He sliced the beef into paper-thin patties and then allowed the cuts to thaw, creating chip beef.

What Are Chipped Steaks?

Originally, chip steak was made from bottom round steak. Today, chip steaks are made from both bottom round and loins. The fat and bones are removed from the meat, and then it’s frozen for 24 hours before it can be cut.

Once it’s removed from the freezer, butchers use a meat slicer to make paper-thin strips that are 4 ½ to 6-inch each. Six of those strips are then stacked on one another to create one chip steak patty.

Chip steaks are also known as sizzle steaks. This cut of steak doesn’t need to be thawed and is often cooked while still frozen. While it’s most often used in steak sandwiches, many other recipes use chipped steak.

Cooking With Chipped Steak

Sandwiches Made With Chip Steak

Chip steak is perfect for sandwiches, and the Philly cheesesteak is the ultimate of steak sandwiches. The thin slices of beef cook quickly and are easy to chop up while cooking. Meat, cheese, and veggies are cooked together on a flat top grill to make cheesesteaks.

Aside from variations of the cheesesteak, you can also leave the steak as a patty and serve it as a burger. You can also bake the chip steak in the oven and serve it as a meatloaf type sandwich.

Replacing Other Meats With Chipped Steak

If you’re looking for alternatives to sandwiches for your chip steak, you can use it to replace ground beef or chicken in most recipes. Tacos, burritos, and other Mexican recipes can easily swap chipped beef for other meats for a new flavor.

Some non-sandwich recipes that also use chipped steak include steak and eggs, chipped steak and rice, or you can top your salad with it.

Where to Buy Chipped Steak

After discovering chip steak, Dubil started a company called National Chip Steak Company. Though the company is no longer in operation, you can still get this cut of beef from most beef wholesalers.

You might not always be able to find chipped steak in the grocery store. However, make sure to check the frozen section as this is almost always sold frozen. You may be able to special order chip steak from the butcher in your local supermarket.

However, if you can’t get it from your go-to grocery store, local butchers are usually a good option. They may have some recently frozen or even cut your chip steak to order. You could also order from an online wholesale supplier.

Whether you are looking for a new cut of beef to replace ground beef or are hoping for the most flavorful cheesesteak, chipped beef is the way to go. Follow us at the Steak Revolution blog for more recipes and uses for the many unique cuts of steak like this.

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