What is Angus Beef

Angus beef takes its name from the breed of cattle rather than a specific cut. While the name is now synonymous with outstanding quality, not all Angus cattle are the same. Read on to learn more about the Angus beef brand and how it compares to other meat on the market.

What is Angus Beef?

Angus steak refers to the origin of the meat rather than better quality meat. It comes in several grades along the USDA scale, so check the grade of the meat before paying a higher price.

Aberdeen Angus is a Scottish breed of cattle bred to be hardy, muscular, and without horns. In an attempt to breed these cattle with an entirely black hide, Hugh Watson developed the Black Angus breed.

Today, the American Angus Association recognizes the Black Angus breed. However, breeders may not register the rarer Red Angus breed with the association.

The Black Angus is simple to breed and produces good quality meat with delicate marbling. The cattle tend to feed on grass initially. As they grow, ranchers may supplement their feed with corn or grain to further enhance the marbling.

Not all ranchers in the USA agree on proper feeding methods for the cattle, but most agree that it’s one of the most popular breeds.

Angus Beef vs. Other Breeds

Angus steak or ground meat tends to sell for more than most other types of beef. The primary reason for this, however, is primarily marketing hype. The quality of the meat ranges widely, with 63 of the 86 brands the USDA recognizes using Angus in their names. Unless you buy certified Angus, you have no quality guarantee.

To complicate matters further, there are no requirements to test the animals genetically. If the cattle’s hide is at least 51% black, the USDA recognizes it as Angus. Interbreeding doesn’t disqualify a cow if it meets the color criteria. 

It’s vital to learn more about the USDA grading system to choose the best meat for your tastes. For example, stores may label meat as “Prime Value” or “Butcher’s Choice.” These labels sound good but mean nothing on the USDA scale.

Angus Beef vs. Wagyu – What is the Difference?

There is little difference between a Wagyu and Angus steak to the uninitiated. There are, however, several points that differentiate the two. The primary difference is that Wagyu may come from different cattle breeds, while Angus comes from one.

Japanese farmers raise their cattle in strict accordance with traditional techniques. Consequently, these beef products are high-quality and rarer than Angus in the USA.

According to gourmands, you can also tell the difference in the taste.

Kobe Beef vs. Angus

The confusion between Angus and Kobe beef is similar to Angus and Wagyu. However, the primary difference here is that Kobe is a rarer product that attracts a much higher price.

Wagyu refers to beef from any Japanese cattle. Kobe is subject to a far higher number of restrictions and better quality than Wagyu. Angus may, under the right conditions, match the quality of Kobe.

Certified Angus Beef vs. USDA Choice

For the best experience, look for certified Angus. Certified Angus must meet ten quality standards before certification, which impacts the taste and other properties of the meat. Only beef products with the correct flavor, marbling, appearance, tenderness, and sizing quality.

Certified meat will consistently rank between Prime and Choice on the USDA scale. You should always check this rating instead of being swayed by the breed before selecting any cut of meat.

What Does Angus Beef Taste Like?

The flavor in beef depends on how moist it remains while cooking. Angus marbles well, ensuring that the muscles have enough fat to prevent the meat from drying out. The fat also improves the overall flavor and makes the meat more tender.

The more consistent the marbling, the better the meat tastes. Good-quality Angus steak is tender, juicy, and flavorful.

Where to Buy Angus Beef

You will find the meat at almost every grocer, butcher, or food shop. Check for the certification mark to get the best quality Angus meat. Alternatively, stick to the meat that falls within the Prime or Choice 1 categories to ensure quality.


Elevate your Sunday barbeque by seasoning 1 ½ pounds of Angus ground beef to taste. Divide the meat into eight equal portions and flatten until ¼ inch thick. Place a piece of American cheese on top and then layer on another patty.

Shape the double-thick patties, seal in the cheese and cook until done to your liking.

Beef Au Jus

Coat a beef rib roast with softened butter. Then season to taste by rubbing a salt and pepper rub into the skin. Set it aside at room temperature for two hours. Then roast at 450°F for 20 minutes to brown the meat.

Reduce the temperature to 325°F and roast until the internal meat temperature reads between 110°F and 140°F or your level of preferred doneness.

Do you feel inspired to try out Angus beef products? Start with an Angus steak and then experiment. Also, please explore our website and find out what makes Kobe and Wagyu beef so special.

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