What Is a Ranch Steak?

Ranch steak is a not-so-popular cut. It is a cut that is considered one of the tougher cuts but with a distinct beef flavor. Properly prepared and cooked can be delicious. This guide will show you everything you need to know about ranch steak.

What Is a Ranch Steak?

Ranch steak, also known as boneless chuck shoulder center cut steak, is an affordable cut you can find in most grocery stores. It is typically ten ounces and one inch thick. It is a fairly lean and tough cut but very flavorful if you know how to cook it properly.

When considering this cut, it is essential to remember not to cook it for too long, as ranch steak can become tough if overcooked. Such a tough cut is great for slow cooking, like braising.

two raw ranch steaks
two raw ranch steaks

Other Names for Ranch Steak

Here are some of the other names for ranch steak:

  • Center steak,
  • ranch cut,
  • arm steak, 
  • shoulder center steak, 
  • or a boneless chuck shoulder center-cut steak.

Where This Cut Comes From:

The ranch steak is a lean cut of meat from the chuck primal area of the cow, part of the shoulder area. The cuts from this area are pretty tough but have a very beefy flavor.

Ranch Steak Nutrition Facts

Source: USDA.

NutritionPortion size: 3 oz = 85 g
Total Fat6.51 g
Protein22.4 g
Zinc6.03 mg
Potassium307 mg
Vitamin B-60.49 mg
Vitamin B-124.21 µg
Nutrition facts based on cooked 3-oz boneless chuck shoulder center cut steak.

Ranch Steak FAQs

What Does Ranch Steak Taste Like?

Ranch steak is a tough cut full of rich beef notes. You can marinate the meat for a few hours if you want additional flavor. 

Where to Buy Ranch Steak?

Ranch steak is an inexpensive, easy-to-find steak at local stores and butchers. It may be available under one of many other names. If you have trouble finding one, use online butcher stores or place a special order with your local butcher.

What Cut of Meat is a Ranch Steak?

The name “ranch steak” is a marketing term for boneless chuck shoulder center-cut steak. A shorter and more exciting name replaced the original long name.

Is Ranch Steak Tender?

No, ranch steak comes from the shoulder area, which means it’s a tough cut. Of course, it can be a delicious steak, but it requires proper cooking.

What is Ranch Steak Good For?

Ranch steak is an affordable and versatile cut, great for grilling, braising, or slow cooking. It pairs well with salads and stir-fry or is great with a side of potatoes.

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