Steak Temperatures

The cooking times and temperatures for a steak depend on the type of cut, its thickness, and the cooking method. Whether you like it rare, medium, or well done, use a meat thermometer to measure the target temperature to ensure you always reach the right steak doneness.

When measuring the temperature of a steak with a meat thermometer, remember to:

  • Insert the thermometer tip into the center of the steak. Avoid any bone or fat.
  • Remove the steak from your heat source when it reaches 5°F lower than the target steak doneness. Then, let it rest so that it will cook through to completion.

Steak Temperature Chart

Steak DonenessRemove from heat at this temperatureFinal cooked temperature
Blue110°F (43°C)115°F (46°C)
Rare120°F (49°C)125°F (52°C)
Medium Rare125°F (52°C)130°F (54°C)
Medium135°F (57°C)140°F (60°C)
Medium Well145°F (62°C)150°F (65°C)
Well Done155°F (68°C)160°F (71°C)
Steak Doneness Chart

Blue Steak Temp: 115-120°F

Blue steak is safe to eat if the chef follows specific preparation procedures. Steak cooked “blue” will be completely red in the center and seared on the outside. As it is close to raw, a blue steak’s texture is soft and incredibly chewy

Most bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses, like E. coli, only inhabit the steak’s surface. You must ensure that the entire surface is seared brown. Also, remember to sterilize the cooking tongs after putting the steak in the pan and flipping it over.

blue steak
Blue Steak

Rare Steak Temp: 125-130°F

The center of a steak cooked to “rare” should be completely red with small amounts of pink near the cooked edges. The soft, cool-to-warm meat will have almost no resistance to pressing it with a finger.

rare steak
Rare Steak

Medium Rare Steak Temp: 130-140°F

A steak cooked to “medium rare” remains dark pink to red in the center but has a lighter ring on the outside edges. Your steak will be warm enough to melt the fat marbling but not hot enough to lose the balanced moistness that affects the flavorful and pink center.

medium rare steak
Medium Rare Steak

Medium Steak Temp: 140-150°F

A medium steak should be hot inside and have no visible dark red. It should instead be pink throughout with darker brown edging. Pressing this steak with your finger gives slight resistance and springs it back somewhat.

medium steak
Medium Steak

Medium Well Steak Temp: 150-160°F

A medium-well-cooked steak have still some pink in the hot center, but most of the steak will be brown. If you press it with your finger, a medium-well steak will be firm with a considerable amount of spring.

This option is popular only among people who want less pink in the steak. Unfortunately, a steak cooked this way loses a lot of moisture, making it less juicy.

medium well steak
Medium Well Steak

Well Done Steak Temp: Over 160°F

A steak cooked “well done” will be entirely gray-brown without any signs of pink. The center will be very hot, and the steak will be very firm and springy. Well-done steaks are almost guaranteed to be dry and bland.

While some consumers look down on this choice, preparing your steak is a matter of preference. People who prefer steaks without pinkness tend to compensate for the lost moisture and flavor by using steak sauce or other condiments. If that’s how you like it, it is up to you.

well done steak
Well Done Steak

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tell When Steak is Done?

If you want to make sure the steak is good, you must accurately measure your steak’s internal temperature. You can tell the exact steak temperatures with a meat thermometer. Most cooks at home and in the top steak houses use instant-read thermometers to quickly and accurately measure the internal temperature of a steak.

What is The Most Popular Steak Doneness?

Medium-rare remains the most popular doneness for steaks prepared at home or in restaurants. 

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