Why do people put butter on steak

Steak dinners are a staple meal for many people around the world. It is a near-guaranteed mouth-watering way to dine. There aren’t many better ways than steak butter to leave your taste buds satisfied. 

Steak butter is the secret ingredient for that perfect juicy bite of steak that we all crave. Read on as we bring you an in-depth guide to using steak butter. 

We will discuss why it is essential to use steak butter and provide you with tips and tricks on maximizing its abilities. We will teach you how to use steak butter to recreate that perfect steak you yearn for at home. 

Why Put Butter on Steak?

Well, steak butter is the key ingredient to getting the most out of a cut of beef, and the best part is, it merely takes 5 minutes to make. If you are looking for a quick way to make your steak more flavorful and juicy, you must use steak butter.

Steak butter isn’t complete without a mixture of butter and different flavors that are built to satisfy your tastebuds. A mix of softened butter, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, along with fresh herbs, is key to making that perfect steak butter. This mixture will dramatically spice up your meal and leave you wanting more.

steak with garlic and butter

Butter Will Make Your Steak Burst With Flavor

Butter is a great way to really enhance your steak’s flavor. It is simple but effective. Steak butter is used to make the steak succulent and accentuate its delicious taste.

Steak butter will give your steak a feeling of luxury. So, why not add that richness and complement your steak with something divine? Steak butter isn’t just limited to steak. You can also use it on other meats such as pork, fish, and chicken for a delicious meal.

Softens the Outside of Your Steak

Another benefit of steak butter is that it will soften up your steak. It will make it less chewy so you can save your jaw and not feel like you’re chewing on leather. Instead, use steak butter to savor the juiciness of a well-cooked steak.

preparing ribeye with butter, thyme and garlic

How Can I Use Butter on My Steak?

Now that you know why you should use steak butter let’s move onto how you can incorporate it into your meals.

Firstly, make sure to get that steak off of the grill once it’s done to your liking, and place it on a plate for a short time. Then grab a tablespoon or two of your steak butter and lather it on the beef. Make sure to brush it all over the steak thoroughly. Then allow it to rest for a short time.

Don’t Lose the Juice!

Apply your steak butter once the steak is done and resting. This timing will ensure that all the juices stay in the steak and don’t leak out. This method is important as the juices provide all the flavor in the steak. If you apply the steak butter directly on the grill, you will likely lose the juices to the grill.

Salt Choices for Your Meal

While preparing the steak butter, you must be aware of the salt quantity. We recommend using unsalted butter so you can adjust the salt amount according to your preferences. By using salted butter, you risk making the mixture too salty.

Choose Your Ingredients

Be creative with your ingredient choices for the steak butter. There are no hard and fast rules. You can use Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, and lemon and lime juice to enhance your steak butter. Experiment with the flavors.

Use the ingredients that suit your taste the most. We recommend using different ingredients to make the steak butter every time you cook steak. This variety will help you find that perfect steak butter for your taste buds.

Different Herbs Options

Your ingredients aren’t just limited to sauces and spices. There are many other options for a good steak butter recipe, such as using fresh herbs. You can use thyme, rosemary, scallions, dill, sage, parsley, cilantro, and even basil, although using all of them together is not something we advise.

Mix-and-match any of these herbs to spruce up that taste in your steak butter by a couple of notches. You can also use dried herbs, but make sure to rub them in your hands before adding them to the butter. Rubbing them releases the essential oils and flavor these herbs contain.

Don’t Forget To Use Steak Butter Next Time

Now that you know why and how to use steak butter, you should never eat a steak without that buttery goodness ever again. Not using steak butter is a crime committed against the steak. 

Why put butter on steak? Simply put, it’s delicious. You can see more interesting arguments on Quora or Reddit.

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