8 Leftover Steak Recipes

Let’s face it: leftovers are common problems for people who cook. We tend to overestimate the number of servings we need and end up with extra food. In the US, we tend to be among the biggest offenders when it comes to food waste, so it’s always a good idea to have a plan or two for using leftovers, especially steaks.

So now your weekend feast for family or guests is over, and your fridge holds leftover steak. It is irresponsible to throw away food, so what to do with leftover steak?

We prepared a list of eight delicious ideas on how to use leftover steak. All of the recipes are easy to prepare and require just a little time out of your busy schedule. Check them out!

1. Healthy Leftover Steak Salad

Healthy Steak Salad

How about using some of that leftover steak to put together a delicious salad that has plenty of protein. Sirloin steak works great in these situations. Slice it into thin pieces, add some vegetables of your choice such as lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. And then a sprinkle of olive oil or a healthy dressing is all you need for a tasty salad that will fill your stomach.

2. Delicious Leftover Steak Sandwiches

Delicious Steak Sandwiches

Steak sandwiches are one of the easiest ways to reuse your steak leftovers. There are many ways you can put together a steak sandwich, depending on your personal preference. Start with a Philly-style cheesesteak, or try a more modern avocado toast and steak sandwich. The leftover steak can be reheated for hot sandwiches or served cold for the cold sandwich variants.

Here’s an important tip: the leftover steak will toughen a bit in the fridge, so make sure to slice the meat into thin slices or strips. This will make it easier to chew, and it will better absorb the flavors and other ingredients you are putting in your sandwich.

3. Leftover Steak Stir Fry

stir fry dish

Stir fry is a dish that takes just minutes to make and is ideally suited for getting rid of leftovers. It is a very flexible dish in which you can use your leftover steak, along with leftover vegetables, cheese, or even rice and potatoes. Add seasonings and spices according to preference, and you are ready to serve.

Stir fry is an excellent choice for those who are low on time and need something easy to put together. A cooked steak is excellent for these quick meals because it only needs to be reheated.

4. Leftover Steak Breakfast

South American Breakfast

In the region where meat is religion and a strong breakfast is the cornerstone of every working man, steak leftovers are a perfect opportunity for a South American breakfast. Cut up the leftover steak into strips and toss it into a heated pan along with bacon and chopped onions. As the bacon and onions turn brown and crispy, break a few eggs and add them into the pan.

In just a few minutes, a beautiful breakfast is ready. You can serve it with fresh cheese and sour cream, or you can go all out and add a fresh salad to balance out the flavors.

5. Barbecue Pizza With Leftover Steak

Barbecue Pizza steak

This one is a no-brainer. Whether you know how to make perfect pizza dough or you simply buy pre-made pizza dough at your grocery store, a perfect barbecue pizza is just minutes away. While your oven is pre-heating, start the preparation. Coat the pizza dough in the tomato sauce of your choice and start adding ingredients. Cut the leftover steak into thin strips, slices, or cubes so it will reheat thoroughly.

Add cheese, mushrooms, and your favorite barbecue sauce, and the pizza is nearly ready for the oven. You can spice it up with chilies or go for a more balanced taste by adding chopped tomatoes, oregano, and other spices.

6. Leftover Steak Fajitas

Steak Fajitas

Fajitas are a great snack that is healthy, quick, and easy to make. You already have the main ingredient ready in the leftover steak. Chop the meat into smaller pieces, making it easy to load up into tortillas when they are ready.

In a separate pan, chop some fresh vegetables. The veggies will take a little time to cook through and let the juices out. Use another pan to quickly warm and prepare the tortillas. All you need to do is fill those tasty tortillas with steak and veggies and add some sauce or seasoning of your choice. Delicious!

7. Stuffed Peppers with Leftover Steak and Cheese

stuffed Peppers with Cheese and Steak

While this recipe might take a bit longer to prepare than some on our list, it is still straightforward and will not require a lot of active involvement on your side. Start by hollowing out several bell peppers, depending on the number of servings you want to make. Cut the steak into strips or cubes. Do the same with a cheese of your choice. A full-fat cheese that melts well is an ideal choice.

Fill the peppers with steak and cheese, add chopped tomatoes and/or onions, plus some seasoning, and you are ready for cooking. Put the peppers in a baking dish and insert them into a pre-heated oven for 15 to 20 minutes on medium heat.

8. Leftover Steak Pot Pie with Veggies

Beef Pot Pie with Veggies

Pot pies are another great way to reuse some of the leftovers you might have. After preparing the dough, chop ingredients like steak, cheese, and veggies into cubes. Prepare the creamy sauce, and add the chopped ingredients. All you need to do now is wait for the oven to heat up and put the pot pie inside to cook.

Once the pot pie has a beautiful tan color and the dough is crisp on the outside, it is time to cut pieces and let the aroma of the creamy filling fill the dining area.

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Written by: Adam Wojtow

Adam Wojtow, the founder of Steak Revolution, is a true steak enthusiast. His primary goal is to help others perfect their steak-cooking skills.