Hibachi Steak

In the U.S., the term “hibachi” is very often used to refer to what is actually teppanyaki cooking. Unlike most “hibachi-style” restaurants in the U.S., a true Japanese hibachi steak is not prepared on a flat iron griddle. 

What is Hibachi?

A Hibachi is a traditional grill in Japanese culture. It consists of a metal plate or grill grates that you position over a container with charcoal or wood fire. The term “Hibachi” means “fire bowl”. In the past, the Hibachi was used to heat the home, and later people started cooking food on it.

What’s the difference between Hibachi and teppanyaki

Hibachi and teppanyaki have different definitions and should not be used interchangeably. A hibachi grill is simply a cast iron charcoal grill with an open-grates design. Meanwhile, a teppanyaki grill is actually a gas grill with a flat griddle built for cooking in front of other people.

An important difference between a hibachi and teppanyaki grill is the cooking surface. In the case of teppanyaki, the flat surface allows for cooking small-sized food like rice, eggs, or thinly sliced vegetables and meat. Meanwhile, the Hibachi grill has open grates that prevent tiny cooking types of food. 

Hibachi is used for cooking larger pieces of food, such as the whole steak, known as Hibachi Steak. Hibachi is simply a traditional Japanese version of a charcoal grill.

Recently in the United States, flat top grills with two types of grates (flat top griddle and open cast iron/steel grates) are gaining popularity. A flat top grill combines a hibachi grill’s essential characteristics and a teppan grill.

What steak is used for Hibachi?

It is common to use new york strip or top sirloin steak; however, it all depends on your preference. We recommend using a high-quality steak. Ideally, such a steak should have a good level of marbling and great flavor. We advise you to avoid steaks that are tough and chewy.

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