What Is Flat Iron Steak?

Flat iron steak is as tender as tenderloin beef cuts but more cost-effective. As a result, you can find it in most grocery stores, and it appears on menus in restaurants as a perfect alternative to the more costly steaks.

If you want to eat juicy and flavorful beef on a budget, opt for flat iron steak. In this article, you’ll learn what this steak looks and tastes like and even how to prepare it.

What Exactly Is Flat Iron Steak?

Flat iron steak was initially part of the topmost section of the blade roast. The tough connective tissue running at the center of the blade roast led to the birth of flat iron steak.

When the butcher removes the connective tissue, the bottom section is the flat iron steak, while the remaining piece is the top blade steak. The piece of meat obtained its name from its appearance that resembles the traditional metal flat iron.

The flat iron steak is rectangular in shape and has an even thickness. The beef has marbling for added flavor and tenderness. You can use the steak in various recipes.

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Other Names for Flat Iron Steak

The flat iron steak is also called a top blade filet, a top blade steak, a boneless top chuck steak, a shoulder top blade steak, a butler steak, or a book steak.

Where This Cut Comes From

This beef cut can either be square or rectangular in shape. The chuck primal cut comes from a cow’s shoulder section, also known as the chuck area. Whereas some beef roasts from this section are tender and ideal for grilling, others cook better using slower methods to make them more tender.

What Does Flat Iron Steak Taste Like?

Flat iron steak, or boneless top chuck steak, has marbling that gives it a rich, beefy flavor. Marinating the beef cut will provide added flavor from your favorite ingredients such as black pepper and herbs. With your choice of marinade, this tender steak will be mouthwatering, flavorful, and juicy for a hearty appetite.

Where to Buy Flat Iron Steak Online

You can buy flat iron steak from your local butcher or grocery store. You may have to find out by which of its many names it is known locally in your area of the country.

Several organic farms and grocery stores also sell this beef cut online and provide local deliveries. Search by any of the names we listed above, plus the name of your city, to find a reputable seller online.

A quick search on Google should return some trustworthy sources. However, to ensure that you eat healthy, make sure that the seller you pick offers beef from grass-fed cows. A good example of an online flat iron steak seller is Omaha Steaks.

Cooking Methods

The versatility of flat iron steak means that you can cook it in numerous ways. You can stir fry or grill this beef cut using your favorite recipe. Marinade the beef with your preferred ingredients for added aroma and flavor. Other cooking methods include sous vide, broiling, pan-broiling (or using a skillet), smoking, or baking.

Cook over medium heat (60 degrees C or 135 degrees F) due to the steak’s muscular structure. The short cook time and high heat of a grill guarantees a rich flavor. Whatever recipes work for flank or skirt steak are ideal for flat iron steaks, so you can scour the internet for some great recipes.

Unless your beef cut is super thin, grill flat iron steak over medium-high heat for the best results. Begin the cooking on high heat and graduate to lower temperatures for optimal doneness. The beef cut would make a perfect weeknight dinner.

Nutrition & Calories

Flat iron steak is rich in vitamin B6 and B12, selenium, niacin, protein, zinc, iron, phosphorus, riboflavin, and choline. The beef cut contains 23 g of protein, 180 calories, 2.6 mg of iron, 3.88 g of SAT fat, and 8 mg of zinc.

Recipes for Flat Iron Steak

You can prepare the steak as an independent dish or part of your favorite meat-based dish such as sandwiches or tacos. Marinate the beef in herbs, spice rub, and other ingredients to bring out its deep, beefy flavor.

Some popular flat iron steak recipes include:

  • Chili rub flat iron steaks
  • Red wine and rosemary flat iron steaks
  • Flat iron steaks with spiced lemon pesto
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