Raw Steak: Can You Eat It?

Raw steak is an international delicacy loved for its unique flavor. However, despite its popularity, many people still choose to eat their steaks medium-rare or well done because of health concerns. As long as you follow safety precautions, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a portion of your favorite steak in a raw form.

When prepared correctly, raw steak isn’t dangerous. Further, compared to pork or chicken, raw beef is one of the safer options. If you’re still unsure about eating raw steak or simply want some tips on how to prepare it, read on for our favorite ways to indulge safely.

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Can you Eat Raw Steak?

Eating raw steak is safe as long as you purchase the meat from a reliable source and store it properly. Meat that has sat on the shelves for days or weeks isn’t safe to consume. In addition, frequent temperature changes could result in bacteria growth, posing health risks.

Buying from a specialized butcher who understands the delicacy of raw beef dishes significantly reduces bacteria risk, though. A good butcher can also suggest the right steak for the occasion. Instead of buying from your usual supermarket, make sure to visit a local butcher shop known for its quality and reliability.

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How to Eat Raw Steak Safely

While there will always be some concerns regarding raw beef consumption, you’ll find a few tips below to make it safer and more enjoyable to eat dishes like steak tartare, carpaccio, kitfo, koi soi, or yukhoe.

1. Find Premium-Quality Meat

Buying steaks from a reputable source is the best way to ensure you don’t consume tainted or spoiled meat. Avoid purchasing from grocery stores, even those with meat counters, because it is unlikely they will have the best steaks available.

Always check with your local butcher shop and tell the staff you plan to eat raw steak so they can advise you on how to prepare it. If you prefer to eat minced meat, you can mince the meat at home using a quality food processor.

Lastly, it is always better to choose organic beef or humanely raised meat. If your town doesn’t have a butcher shop that sources organic meat, you can always order it online.

2. Keep the Steak Cold

If you want to ensure that your steak is free of bacteria, keep it in the fridge below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. After purchasing the beef, you should eat it as soon as possible, too. Don’t wait for a few days to prepare the steak.

3. Learn How to Tell a Good Steak from a Bad One

Like other foods, spoiled raw steak has several warning signs you can watch out for to reduce the risk of food-related illness.

First, it is essential to check for bad smells. Bad beef has a rotten, slightly sweet smell, while fresh meat doesn’t have any smell at all. Next, check the beef’s color.

Unspoiled raw beef is grayish on the inside and red on the outside. If the meat is gray on the outside, it is a clear sign that it has started to spoil. While a few other signs indicate your beef has spoiled, the smell and color are two obvious red flags.

Is it Possible to Eat Raw or Undercooked Beef in a Restaurant?

In the United States, you can find plenty of restaurants that serve undercooked or raw steak. You will likely find these unique dishes on the menus at high-end restaurants.

Due to the health issues related to consuming raw meat, some restaurants avoid serving raw steak dishes. If you want to try raw steak in a restaurant, you might want to check the menus for restaurants that offer international cuisine.

For those who are big fans of rare beef, blue steak might come as a more easily accessible treat. A blue steak is extra rare, served completely red throughout.

A Final Word

Whether you are new to the raw beef concept or are already a fan of the delicacy, safety is essential. Before you eat raw steak, make sure to check the meat’s condition and get your beef from a reliable source.

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