What is a Denver Steak?

Denver steak is a less popular cut from beef chuck with all the flavor and taste of a delicious steak. The cut has recently gained popularity due to its impressive marbling and numerous positive reviews. Denver steak is often confused with other cuts of beef, so let us give you all the information you need about this unique cut.

What Is a Denver Steak?

The Denver steak comes from the center of the Under Blade (the cow’s front shoulder area). While the chuck area is known for containing beefy-flavored and tough cuts, the Denver steak is different. Yes, it has an intensely beefy flavor but is also very tender with a nice amount of marbling.

Most beef chuck muscles are heavily used, which means they are tough. Such cuts usually require long and slow cooking to become more tender. However, Denver steak is an exception; it is a little-used muscle, making it one of the most tender in the beef chuck.

Denver steak isn’t new and is not as popular as other beef cuts (for example, new york strip or ribeye). Its downside is that it requires an experienced butcher who knows how to butcher a Denver steak from the blade.

raw denver steak
raw denver steak

Other Names for Denver Steak

The Denver steak is also known as:

  • denver cut, 
  • under blade steak,
  • chuck steak,
  • chuck under blade center steak,
  • chuck under blade steak
  • bottom chuck steak,
  • underblade steak,
  • zabuton.

Where Is the Denver Steak on a Cow?

Denver is a boneless cut of steak which comes from the beef chuck, more specifically, from the section underneath the shoulder blade bone. It is a unique cut with a somewhat rectangular shape; the raw steak usually weighs between 4 and 12 ounces.

What Does Denver Steak Taste Like?

Every steak cut from the chuck primal is flavorful, so Denver is no exception. It has a beefy and rich flavor. Compared to other steak cuts, Denver has been ranked as one of the tenderest steaks, so you can expect a piece of meat that melts in your mouth.

Buying Denver Steak

You probably won’t find a piece of Denver steak in your local supermarket or steakhouse. However, there is a good chance you can find Denver steak at your local butcher shop, especially if your butcher is well-known for selling quality steaks. You can also order a steak online.

A few excellent online beef providers are known for sourcing cuts of steak, like the Denver steak. Snake River Farms, Porter Road, Holy Grail Steak Company, and Crowd Cow are some of the best online butchers you need to check out first.

Denver Steak Nutrition Facts

NutritionPortion size: 3 oz = 85 g
Total Fat12.2 g
Protein22.2 g
Zinc8.21 mg
Potassium266 mg
Vitamin B-60.336 mg
Vitamin B-122.94 µg
Nutrition facts based on cooked 3-oz denver steak (choice-grade).

Source: USDA.

Summary: Is a Denver Steak a Good Cut?

Are you a steak lover and have never heard of it? Denver steak is a great option; the cut is somewhat similar to ribeye and new york strip in marbling and buttery flavor – but differs in more meaty taste. Denver steak is one of the most marbled cuts, plus it comes from a chuck primal, so it’s flavorful. 

Denver Steak FAQs

Why is it Called Denver Steak?

Why it is called “Denver steak,” no one knows. Most likely, it is simply a marketing term.

Is Denver Steak Tough?

Denver steak is extremely well-marbled and very tender compared to other chuck cuts. The cut comes from an area on the cow that is not overused. For this reason, the meat is so tender. Of course, it is also important to cook the steak properly and to remember to cut it against the grain for maximum tenderness.

What is Denver Steak Good For?

The best methods for cooking Denver steak are grilling, pan-frying, or sous-vide. You can serve it as a steak alone or use it as one of the ingredients in recipes such as beef stroganoff or carne asada tacos.

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