What is Bottom Round Steak?

Exploration is one of the favorite pastimes among red meat lovers, with many finding pleasure in discovering and experimenting with new beef cuts.

While the bottom round steak is mainly unknown, Steak Revolution has got you covered. This post will answer all the burning questions you have, including “what is bottom round steak?” and how you cook it.

What Exactly Is Bottom Round Steak?

As unknown as it is in the beef world, bottom round steak is excellent for braising or slow cooking, giving you an exceptionally tender beef cut. Similar to top round steak, this option has a great flavor. However, at an average length of six inches per steak, it isn’t as big as its counterpart.

On top of that, it also has a tighter grain when you compare it to the top round steak. For this reason, bottom round steaks tend to be tougher, needing careful preparation if you are to get the best from your meal.

Other Names for Bottom Round Steak

To the untrained eye, it is easy to confuse the bottom round steak with some of the other many cuts the round primal offers. If that wasn’t enough, its alternate names don’t make it easier either.

To help avoid this, we felt it necessary to list some of the common alternate names floating around, such as:

  • Western Steak/Griller: This name refers to a very lean bottom round steak with all its fat removed.
  • Outside Round Steak: While this name is technically not correct since the outside round is a different cut, some still use it.

Where This Cut Comes from

You can find the bottom round steak in the round primal at the top of the cow’s rear legs or hip and buttocks, near the sirloin tip. The cut comes from the bottom round roast found in the round primal’s center at the latter end of the biceps femoris.

What Does Bottom Round Steak Taste Like

Since the bottom round has a tighter grain than top round steaks, it is tougher and will never be melt-in-your-mouth tender, even with pot roasting or grilling at intense heat.

However, it has a more intense flavor because it has more marbling and, therefore, more fat with which to baste itself.

Where to Buy Bottom Round Steak Online

While many online meat markets stock a wide array of meat, extra value cuts like the bottom round steak can be limited. Fortunately, a few supermarkets are adept at online deliveries, meaning you can buy bottom round steak online from options such as Dillon’s and Meijer.

Cooking Methods

With the proper cooking method, you can achieve a rump roast of medium tenderness and full of flavor. Due to their lean state, bottom round steaks work well with moist-heat cooking methods like braising because these methods preserve moisture better than grilling.

You could also cook them using the sous-vide method, or making popular dishes like Swiss steak by pounding the cut and braising it with mushrooms and tomatoes. You could also make the Italian Bresaola, which is simply salted and air-dried beef.


The following is the nutritional value you are likely to get from a three-ounce service of a bottom round steak:

  • Calories: 180
  • Sodium: 35 mg
  • Saturated fat: 2.2 g
  • Iron: 2.4 mg
  • Protein: 29 g
  • Zinc: 4.9 mg

Three Example Recipes for Bottom Round Steak

Here are three examples of recipes you can experiment on, taking full advantage of the versatility your steak and grill have.

Epicurious Filipino London Broil

If you are after a simple recipe, this is it. Keeping it simple allows you to get a natural feel for what kind of steak the bottom round is, especially when consumed alone. Pay close attention to the marinade because it is what gets the absolute best out of your meat.

Deep South Dish Barbecue

This slow cooker recipe is another excellent way to enjoy your steak’s full potential. Remember to brown the steak before braising it.

Lebanese London Broil

Test your steak against intense spices like sumac, cumin, and cinnamon, and enjoy a unique and incredibly-tasting medium-rare cut.

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