About Steak Revolution

Steak Revolution is your comprehensive guide through the world of steaks. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice looking to perfect your home-cooked steak, we offer free tools and resources to help elevate your steak-cooking skills.

Our Mission

At Steak Revolution, our mission is to help you master the art of cooking the perfect steak. We’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

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Our site is a one-stop shop for all your steak questions. We provide in-depth guides for different cuts of beef and give you the recipes and tips you need to cook the best steak of your life. We also provide test-style guides, polls, reviews of steak companies, useful tools, and steakhouse recommendations. Additionally, we have plans to launch a platform where you can discover coupons/promo codes to reduce the cost of your online steak purchases. 

Strip steak 24 hours after salting
basting the steak with butter
Basting the steak with butter
Beautiful steak crust
Served strip steak with butter, thyme, and garlic

Our Story

Several years ago, Adam Wojtow, the founder, started his journey to master the art of cooking steaks. His first attempt at a home-cooked steak ended in disappointment due to overcooking it, a result of following the recommended “Finger test” method to check the steak’s doneness. After extensively reading numerous guides, the next attempts showed improvement, but the steak was still far from perfect.

After many trials, errors, and disappointments, Adam realized the advice he had encountered was often contradictory or lacking in depth. Determined to change this, he founded Steak Revolution in 2020: a website dedicated to documenting his comprehensive knowledge and rigorous testing on all aspects of cooking steaks. Today, Steak Revolution is a leading online resource for cooking steaks, best known for its straightforward recipes and helpful guides.


Adam Wojtow

Adam Wojtow

Adam Wojtow, founder and editor of Steak Revolution, is a true steak enthusiast. He particularly enjoys exploring underrated steak cuts, which he believes offer exceptional flavor at a more affordable price. His primary goal is to help others in perfecting their steak-cooking skills.