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Steak (R)evolution was mentioned in an excellent article about the recent surge in demand for Spanish steak. Here is an excerpt below.

Turner & George, a butcher’s in London, stocks Galician beef via Txuleta. “We came across the beef through a French film called Steak Revolution, about a guy’s quest for the perfect steak,” says co-owner James George. “Right up until the last minute his favourite steak was this rare type of wagyu, then he went to El Capricho in Spain and said it was the best he’d ever had. We tried it ourselves, and the taste was phenomenal.” They went looking for stock at the same time Borjanovic was offering it. “The fact that they were old cows offset our fears about importing it. It’s hyper-ethical, in a way, because it gives another life to the cow.”

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Steak (R)evolution



Director Franck Ribière stops by Fleisher’s in Park Slope, Brooklyn


Director Franck Ribière stops by Japan in his search for the best steak in the world


Director Franck Ribière visits the legendary Peter Luger steak house in Brooklyn NY, searching for the best steak in the world


Steak (R)evolution
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As we move toward more sustainable farming practices, some of the most prized elements of high quality beef production are rapidly changing, and the effects are far-reaching. The move toward smaller-scale operation is impacting the industry and many view this trend as a positive change.

In this gourmet, across-the-world road trip, chefs, farmers, butchers, journalists and other experts weigh in on the various factors at play to help us understand the (r)evolution taking place as well as the challenges associated with this change.

Director Franck Ribière gets into all the methods of farming, butchery, and preparation used to prepare and serve the most widely adored meat on the market. Informative, beautiful and utterly tantalizing, this documentary is a must see for any steak enthusiasts.